Umweltschutzsysteme GmbH

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63579 Freigericht-Horbach

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Öko-Tec introduces itself

Öko-Tec Umweltschutzsysteme GmbH, located in Hessen, was established in 1988 having the vision to protect people, the environment as well as assets.

As a result of intensive research, Öko-Tec Umweltschutzsysteme GmbH developed an oil- and chemical-binder, called Uni-Safe, which has gained world-wide appreciation in damage control and containment up to this very day and has become an essential part in present chemistry.

Further developments like the double-tube boom used as flood-protection and extinguishing water pondage, as well as protection against oil and other chemical substances in calm and running water and the first steps to create a high-power extinguishing agent, named Hydrex, followed.

Today Öko-Tec Umweltschutzsysteme GmbH has a highly motivated staff, that is able to react to the specific conditions in the market immediately and is at hand with support and advice for the customer, even in distress situations.

Over the last few years public attention considering environmental protection has risen enormously. Leading national and international companies in the chemical industry and fire brigades worldwide are part of the customer base of Öko-Tec Umweltschutzsysteme GmbH.

To sum it up Öko-Tec Umweltschutzsysteme GmbH:

  • has recognized the requirements of the present time and acts accordingly
  • is steadily searching for and developing innovative technologies
  • represents highest quality of products, good ideas and a reliable and distinguished expertise
  • puts great emphasis on the customers satisfaction
  • has a long-standing history of customer and supplier cooperation
  • is a guarantor for reliability and quality

Because of close and constructive collaborations with testing laboratories, authorities and fire brigades the development of ideal solutions and individual concepts is accomplished contemporarily and efficiently.

Öko-Tec Umweltschutzsysteme GmbH isn´t just interested in being economically successful, but also assumes environmental and social responsibility. We especially want to attach particular importance to the quality of our products that can be underlined by the non-existing complaints considering our products.