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UNI-SAFE – Immediate reaction – without risk

"Optimal tools are a must for each professionali." This was our basic challange for the development of UNI-SAFE. UNI-SAFE is the universal oil- and chemical binder. Applicable on land to all liquids without [...]

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UNI-SAFE PH Plus – Safety at first sight

Dangerous fluid or not? The binder is UNI-SAFE ph Plus. Every day people can be endangered by accidentally or deliberately released dangerous fluids [...]

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UNI-SAFE Plus – Immediate reaction – without risk

UNI-SAFE PLUS is a further development of UNI-SAFE. It is fully synthetic and much better strew able. Beside this it has got the same characteristics than UNI-SAFE [...]

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Öko-Tec Sorbent – Polypropylene for to take oil

Öko-Tec Sorbent "Oil Collector" is a compact oil sorbent, which is very capable in absorbtion of oils, fuels and other hydrocarbons. It can absorb up to 25 times of its own weight and retains it certainly [...]

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HYDREX – Gel-builder

HYDREX holds the water at the burning object and has a lasting effect. The revolutionary effect of HYDREX was proven in an extensive test series with the use of various materials under real-time conditions by the German Testing Labs [...]

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DOUBLE-TUBE-BOOM SYSTEM – The universal water- and hazmat-barrier

Controlling the flow of contaminated water and other dangerous liquids is a serious problem which faces every Fire Brigade today. Erecting sandbag or earth dams is often totally ineffective [...]

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Öko-Tec Tube Wall – Quick and low staff response

Flood protection is often a matter of time. Traditional sandbag dikes take considerable time and effort to build. Often the time, labour and materials required are not available during a flood event and extensive damage to land [...]

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FLOODGATE – Door barrier

The Floodgate door lock is a unique, usable in every doorway mobile flood protection system, or fire-fighting water system that is robust, flexible, and highly efficient and comparatively [...]

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FLUISORB® – Oil binder from nature materials

FLUISORB® is a blended product of cotton and regenerated cellulose, the latter from chemical pulp (i.e., natural wood fibres of beech, fir, eucalyptus or pine). The manufacturing process of regenerated cellulose has a [...]

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UNI-TWIST® the hazardous material bucket with UN-accreditation

The groundbreaking new resistant containers with hazardous chemicals safety and locking screw. New threats require sophisticated solutions. The new UNI-TWIST® Hazardous goods containers of Öko-Tec [...]

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Öko-Tec is the German exclusive agent for fire fighting technologies of LEMA®. [...]

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Öko-Tec und SPT Pumpen

Öko-Tec legt extremen Wert auf Qualität, Robustheit, Zuverlässigkeit und kostengünstige Produkte. Zur Ergänzung unseres Produktportfolios arbeiten wir deshalb eng mit SPT Pumpen zusammen [...]

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Öko-Tec and MAG motor company

To complete our range of products for the business area "mobile flood protection" and "fire service" Öko-Tec has entered into a commercial partnership with MAG motor company for their power generators [...]

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